About The Consortium


In May 2000, the Nashville Consortium of Safety Net Providers was created through memorandums of agreement  between all existing primary care safety net providers and six of the nine hospitals in Nashville and the Metro Public Health Department of Nashville and Davidson County (MPHD).  The purpose of the Consortium was to provide access to appropriate level of care for the uninsured population of Nashville through the establishment of a system of information and care coordination.  By September 2001 the Consortium had expanded to include all dental care, mental health care, and substance abuse care safety net providers.  Eventually, all nine hospitals in Nashville also became members.

Middle Tennessee is a place where all residents, including the uninsured and underinsured, have access to high quality, affordable healthcare.

To make Middle Tennessee healthier by bringing together health care providers, public sector agencies, academia and community-based organizations to advocate, build capacity and coordinate efforts to improve the health of the medically underserved.

Strategic Goals
• Improve access to healthcare through the use of a coordinated system of entry and support for uninsured or under-insured patients served by safety net providers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
• Measure and overcome barriers to healthcare access for the uninsured.
• Improve health status of the uninsured served by safety net providers through the implementation of disease management systems.

2012-14 Objectives
• Work toward a community approach to prescription assistance
• Increase public awareness and use of Awareness and use of Safety Net services and available insurance options.
• Develop the Safety Net’s role as a neutral expert in community health policy.

History of the Safety Net Consortium