From the Board

2020-2021 Board of Directors:

Rebecca Leslie, Chair
David Posch, Vice-Chair
Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi, Secretary / Treasurer
Carol Westlake, Immediate Past-Chair
Nancy Anness, Director
Jennifer Flanagan, Director
Elisa Friedman, Director
Fonda Harris, Director
Suzanne Hurley, Director

For 20 years the Safety Net Consortium has worked to improve the health and health care of low income, uninsured residents of Nashville, Davidson County and surrounding areas.  We do that by bringing together clinics, providers, academicians, and consumer and community leaders to integrate knowledge and skills to support an effective system of care.

In the early years we worked together to link the uninsured population to appropriate health care services without regard to income. Establishing the Bridges to Care program, in partnership with the Metro Health was our first initiative.  Bridges to Care Plus, established in partnership with the Nashville Academy of Medicine was next, creating a “system” of specialty and hospital care for the uninsured. This program is now Project Access Nashville Specialty Care and continues to thrive under the direction of the Nashville Academy of Medicine and Medical Foundation of Nashville in partnership with the consortium clinics and hospitals.

The health care environment has been constantly changing.  Health reform is changing the dynamics of health care, but need and gaps still exist. The Safety Net Consortium has stretched and changed, too.  The Consortium is a forum for stakeholders to share information, plan together, and to work together to make sure our communities are able to change with the times.   The organizational structure of the Consortium has changed over time, as have our goals and objectives.  What has not changed is the commitment that individual and agency members have to maintaining a sustainable and compassionate system of care that respects the health care and related needs of individuals without insurance.

Together we are working to better connect people to care, making plans to serve a changing population, and working to understand the needs of our community.  We continue to work to improve access to health care, overcome barriers to care, and to improve the health status of community members.